Monday, December 7, 2015

Another Update

Things have been going much better since that awful evening. I think having such a horrible experience woke me up to the fact that I absolutely never want to fall back into that pattern of alcoholic behavior. I didn't drink all week until Friday night, and on Friday I was the "designated driver" and only had two drinks in the course of a few hours. Saturday I had a few drinks as well, but again nothing major. I have had no desire to drink alone, and my one rough encounter has steeled my resolve in drinking responsibly. Life is extremely busy, which often helps me stay out of trouble.

Anyways, didn't have much to say today, just wanted to give an update so things weren't left on such a depressing note. Things are going much better! It has been almost two months since I returned to drinking, and I have been able to maintain controlled drinking aside from that one night. Things are going well and I am looking forward to the future!

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