Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day One

DOSE: 10 mg Baclofen  (5/5) (Brand name Fexobac, generic for Lioresal).

RELATIVE FACTORS: Gender: Male ; Weight: 170lbs

OTHER MEDICATION(S): Multivitamin (1 tablet). Omega 3 Fish Oil (1 capsule).

SIDE EFFECTS: Mild somnolence; mild mood changes; increased alcohol cravings (read below).

Due to circumstance, I began my Baclofen intake at 2 p.m. by ingesting 5 mg orally. I have been completely sober for exactly one month today, so I noticed the effects of Baclofen after approximately 30 minutes. I felt more relaxed, somewhat tired, and experienced mild mental "fog." I was just released from a 30-day inpatient treatment facility for my alcoholism, so my stress and anxiety level was increased due to the initial shock of being back in my old environment. I believe that fact played more of a role in my increased alcohol cravings than that of the Baclofen, however I think it should be mentioned regardless. I took another 5 mg at 7 p.m., and did not notice the Baclofen nearly as much as the first dose. It is now 9:40 p.m., and I feel a little sleepy. I am somewhat concerned about sleep, but will report back tomorrow. From this point on I am going to take 15 mg of Baclofen distributed in 5 mg doses three times per day for the next four days before increasing the amount. It is only the first day, so I did not expect any positive results from such a low dose. I had quit smoking cigarettes for two weeks during my treatment, however due to the stress of being home I began smoking again. I am not sure if Baclofen had any impact on this decision.

I remain optimistic, but also fearful. Alcohol has taken everything from me, and I will do anything to overcome it. If you are suffering from alcoholism or addiction, feel free to contact me and share your experiences. I would love to hear from you, so please comment below. I will continue to post about my journey as often as possible, and will try to be as detailed and meticulous as I can in regards to relevant information.

All the best.

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