Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 17

DOSE: 70 mg Baclofen (Brand name Fexobac) (20/15/20/15).

OTHER MEDICATION(S): Multivitamin (1 tablet). Omega 3 Fish Oil (1 capsule).

SIDE EFFECTS: Slight mood changes; headache; somnolence; slightly decreased alcohol cravings.

Today I increased my dose another 10 mg, reaching the 70 mg mark and going strong! Many people claim that around this dosage and higher are when problems and debilitating side effects can occur, so I'm a little nervous about that. This morning when I took the 20 mg dose I felt pretty tired, but I think that's also because my new kitten has been keeping me awake with her crying at night. Anyways, I know that very few people read this blog, but it's helpful for me to be able to look back on my progress and experiences. I noticed increased tiredness and markedly reduced alcohol cravings. However just about an hour ago I had what seemed like a wave of anxiety brush over me, and the effects of that have persisted for a while. Overall the side effects have not been too negative at all, and I'm still sleeping great aside from strange dreams. I've also noticed that I'm waking up slightly earlier than usual. Not a big deal though. I'm getting a little nervous thinking about how high I should go with baclofen, and whether or not "indifference" is attainable. Still hopeful and happy and healthy. I'm sure I could write a lot more about a bunch of random stuff, but now I'm just going to kick back, watch The Walking Dead and cuddle with my new kitty! Goodnight.

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