Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 30

DOSE: 100 mg Baclofen (Brand name Fexobac) (25/25/25/25).

OTHER MEDICATION(S): Multivitamin (1 tablet). Omega 3 Fish Oil (1 capsule).

SIDE EFFECTS: Slight headache in the morning; somnolence; decreased alcohol cravings.

I'm finally in triple digits on my high-dose baclofen experience, and so far I have not experienced practically any of the negative side effects that I had heard so much about. It's my third day at 100mg, and I am still feeling tired at certain points throughout the day. Normally the somnolence wears off after the second day of a dose increase, but so far I'm still wanting to take an occasional nap. But it's definitely worth it, because so far today I haven't had a single craving for alcohol! Or if I have it's been so minor that I can't even remember it. Regardless, I'm feeling good about where I'm at. When I'm working out at the gym, I notice some slight muscle weakness, but it hasn't been too much of a hindrance so far. I'm still sober, and since I'm not counting individual days but rather the 20th of each month, I'll have two months sober in just three days! This will not be the first, or second time I've been sober for two months, but it will be the longest amount of time I've been sober without attending Alcoholic's Anonymous meetings. It just feels good to be choosing my own path, and attempting to use a medical treatment for a medical problem, as opposed to a dogmatic, theological approach to the treatment of alcoholism. However I am participating in an outpatient program and attending therapy sessions. I'm still noticing that it's hard to get myself motivated to do things that I really need to get done, but I really need to just buckle down and do it. I'm also playing on an intramural soccer team, and I'm still experiencing muscle cramping when I sprint or exert a lot of energy. Now that tiredness is becoming more common, I might start titrating up more slowly, perhaps every five days as the dosage gets higher. I've also started taking the larger dose (if there is one) in the morning and before bed so as to avoid sleepiness. Anyways, not much more to report on that front. Life is slowly starting to come back together, and I'm optimistic about baclofen. I'm also extremely grateful that I'm not experiencing crazy symptoms like insomnia, or itching, or anything else like that. Goodnight.


  1. Shoot, just posted to ur blog but it didn't take.
    Hi Jon! I'm in AZ for thanksgiving and saw your blog. Keep up the good work. Will write more later.

  2. Headed back to CA tomorrow. I have been on bac for nearly 4 years now. However, I went off it for about 6 months and it didn't go so well. So back on the bac and holding steady at about 160. With that amount I still get moderate sleep and can function during the day. If you don't have any craving at 100mg, why not stop there?

  3. Hey Tim,

    Thanks for your interest in my blog! That's too funny, I'm in CA for Thanksgiving and headed back to AZ tomorrow. That's awesome you've been on baclofen for 4 years. Have you had much success in quitting or reducing your drinking? The reason I didn't stop at 100mg is that I only experienced one craving-free day. I had cravings the day before while at 100mg, and I have had several cravings since. So I have most definitely not reached my goal. However I do believe that using bac while not drinking is far more effective than drinking while titrating up on bac. Congrats on making it up to 160!! Keep me posted on how you're doing, and have safe travels back home.

  4. Jon,
    I choose to be at 160mg because I can handle the side effects at this level. I have been as high as 400mg and reached indifference at 300mg. However, each of those levels were certainly not sustainable. In fact, I was pretty much a zombie.

    My goal has not been to be alcohol free, but to curb my binging. And baclofen has done that. I can drink 2-4 beers and be fine with that.

    All the best.